New ipad will be late?

In theory, tomorrow will be the premiere of the most anticipated device on the market. However, the question is whether or not to buy the desired tablet at all, because the number of finished copies is very small.

The new iPad will include screens manufactured by LG Display, Samsung and Sharpa. The problem is that the latter has a problem with their production, and, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, Sharp has not yet delivered one ready-made display, which has seriously affected the amount of equipment produced.

The number of copies available on the day of release will be severely limited, and pre-sales orders will already have a 2-3 week delay in implementation. Still, Apple plans to make Sharpa the main screen supplier.

The problem with deliveries is also LG Display, which can make the entire burden of orders will rest on the shoulders of Samsung, with whom Apple has long been court battle. Samsung predicts that only this year could earn $ 11 billion for orders for Apple, and the Sharpa and LG Display problems put the Korean concern in a much better position to negotiate.

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