New feature of the mobile browser Chrome

For a few years now, the iBeacons technology has been developed by Apple engineers at airports, shops and exhibition halls to make it easy to find places. However, it will soon become more useful, as Google plans to equip its mobile version of Chrome browser to support this technology.

IBeacons uses a small range of Bluetooth transmitters that communicate with our smartphones by sending specific information to them. This system is already being used at airports, making it easier for passengers to navigate through the gates, as well as in supermarkets, leading customers to the deals.

So far, to use the technology of the transmitter needed a dedicated application, but Google wants to change it. The online giant has announced that it will provide its Android Chrome browser with support for this system. When your smartphone detects that we are approaching one of these transmitters, Chrome will notify us and we will be able to determine if we want to receive the information it sends.

The possibilities of such a solution are very large. Imagine that we are approaching the store, and then the day’s smartphone displays on the smartphone screen. After passing by the cinema we will see the repertoire of movies, and a nearby pizzeria will invite us to a tasty pizza with a 20% discount.

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