Netflix in VR technology

Netflix, the most popular video platform today, has prepared a new option for its customers to increase the visibility of their content. With support for Daydream View technology, we now have a home cinema.

In the near future, we will not need large and modern televisions and expensive audio systems to watch movies and TV series. Simply put on the VR goggles head and move to virtual cinema with large screen and high quality sound system.

The foretaste of what awaits us is now offering the Netflix platform. The company has just implemented support for Daydream View technology. This means that if we have VR goggles, we can watch movies and series in a whole new way. Once they are put on their heads, we will move to a cozy room with a screen right in front of our eyes.

Providing official support for Daydream View involves several drawbacks. First of all, this is a completely independent application, so it is not possible to insert a smartphone into Gear VR and launch the standard Netflix application and then use the service. First, you need to download a new tool. The second issue is that for Daydream View, viewing offline content is not available, so we need to have a permanent Internet connection.

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