Netflix has acquired the rights to the new Top Gear

The next season of the cult car program Top Gear, which has received a completely new cast, will begin soon. Many fans are not convinced that the program will cope after Clarkson and company’s departure, but Nettflix believes in his success and has just bought the BBC the right to broadcast it.

Jeremy Clarkson, the perennial host of the British Top Gear program, caused a lot of confusion and ended up leaving the lead. The BBC had to look for new hosts and hope the fans will not go after Clarkson, Hammond and May. We will soon find out whether this will be the case, as the launch of the new Top Gear will soon begin.

Netflix believes, however, that despite the change of lead, the program will continue to be successful, so it has just purchased the rights to its issue. Financial details of the contract are not yet known, as are the regions where the program will be available.

However, it can not be hidden that Netflix a lot of risk, paying for the rights to broadcast the program. Top Gear executives and former hosts may not be able to repeat it.

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