Nearly half of smartphones activated during holidays are iPhones

While there are more and better smartphones on the iPhone, consumers are still keen to buy Apple products. Moreover, during this year’s festivities they were probably the most commonly found gift under the Christmas tree, as they account for as much as 49.1% of all smartphones activated during this time.

This year, many people have probably found the Hoverboard or Christmas tree, but also a lot of iPhone. According to a report prepared by experts from Flurry Insights, as much as 49.1% of all smartphones activated during this year’s holidays were from Apple.

This is a terrific result, especially when we take into account that all come from one manufacturer. For Apple bosses, however, this is not a reason to be satisfied, as it means less interest in their products. Last year it was as much as 51.3% of all devices.

It seems that the decline of interest in iPhone is the biggest rival of Cupertino, Samsung. In the case of the Korean giant, this figure was 19.8% and was 2.2% higher than in the previous year. The company owes it primarily to mid-range devices such as the Galaxy Grand Prime or Core Prime, which sold well, but also the Galaxy S6 flagship model, which was also on the list.

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