NASA will send volunteer names to Mars

Most of us will never set foot on Mars, although it would probably be very much. NASA therefore offers these people at least a bit of excursion on the Red Planet. They will not go there personally, but they can send their own name, which will be delivered there onboard the InSight lander.

The first manned mission to Mars will be organized only in a few years, but for any tourist flights we have nothing to count at this age. Most of us will not live up to the moment when the Red Planet is colonized and you can go to it just as easily as in another continent.

NASA offers, however, an interesting proposition that we can find on Mars. Not personally, but will be delivered our name, which will fly in a special chip installed onboard the InSight lander. The lander will set off on a journey next year, designed to deep bore the surface of the planet, as well as a number of instruments to monitor its seismic activity.

Just go to the -your-name / insight / agency page where you can register your name. Next, a special boarding card will be created, as shown in the image below, which will be digitally delivered to Mars and left on its surface.

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