NASA will resume testing of the new telescope

Later this month NASA plans to resume testing of the James Webba telescope. The instrument will soon replace the Hubble Space Telescope and allow scientists to look into much of the cosmos.

Hubble’s telescope, for many years of its activity, has allowed astronomers to discover many interesting planets, including the so-called. Exoplanets, where conditions allow for the development of life. Unfortunately, the instrument is already years old and is outdated, which makes its capabilities increasingly limited. So soon will be replaced by another telescope.

Last year the construction of the James Webb telescope was completed, which cost $ 8.7 billion and will soon replace Hubble. Unfortunately, at the end of last year, the instrument tests were stopped due to incorrect results. Scientists finally succeeded in detecting and resolving the cause of the problem, and this month the telescope tests will resume.

Before the telescope is sent to space, NASA must make sure it is fully operational. It will be located a few million kilometers from the Earth, so if it turns out that it is not working properly, its repair will be very expensive and complicated.

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