NASA will look for life on Jupiter’s moon

Last year, NASA commissioned a lander to go to Jupiter’s Europa to look for life there. Engineers have completed work on it, presenting the device that will be sent there.

NASA is currently looking for signs of life in our solar system, not limited to Mars. The agency hopes to find live organisms in Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons. So he plans to send a completely new lander there to handle the task.

In June last year, the agency commissioned 21 engineers to design a lander to be sent to Europe, to determine the objectives of his mission, and to see if they could be implemented. After eight months of debate, the scientists finally finished their task and presented the report.

Europe has an icy surface under which salt-watered oceans are hidden. Scientists believe that water comes in contact with the rocky bottom with the addition of silicates, which are an indispensable source of the elements and energy needed to rise and sustain life.

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