NASA wants to cover Mars with an artificial magnetosphere

The US space agency has a bold plan to make Mars a future-ready planet for life. NASA wants to shield it with a magnetic shield that will stop the atmosphere and protect its surface from the sun.

One of the major problems during the colonization of Mars will be dealing with a much rarer atmosphere and lack of sun protection, which we have on Earth. NASA scientists, however, have a plan to change that. Specialists would like to create a magnetic shield around the planet, or rather an artificial magnetosphere that would help to terraform the planet.

Computer simulations show that creating an atmosphere on Mars would not be a big problem. There is enough carbon dioxide in the ice on the northern hemisphere to create greenhouse gases that can melt ice and re-create oceans. The problem, however, is to stop the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the idea is only a concept that still requires a lot of research. Although such a shield would immediately shield the planet from radiation, however, scientists have no idea how long it would take to thicken the atmosphere and increase the temperature that would make life on the surface of Mars closer to those on the planet.

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