NASA wants scouts drones on Mars

Exploration of Mars is not an easy task, because the rovers there are able to look at the planet only from the ground, so it is difficult to determine the goals that they could succeed. There, NASA plans to send flying drones there, which will take up aerial exploration and provide rover operators with a better view of the Red Planet’s surface.

Before the first manned mission arrives in Mars, many years will pass, during which the surface of the Red Planet will explore Curiosity and Opportunity, the two Mars rovers sent by NASA. Their biggest problem is the ground-only view. At present it is not possible to look closely at the larger area of ​​the terrain, which would make it possible to send machines in places much more interesting from a scientific point of view.

NASA wants to change that, so engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are working on scouting drones, which, thanks to the ability to climb into the air, would give a better view of the planet, and thus allow them to direct the robots to where they could download new samples. In addition, unmanned jets could find safe storage areas for collected samples.

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