NASA Specialist will help uber with flying cab

Uber boasted of employing Mark Moore, a former NASA engineer. The American company hopes that a specialist with experience in aviation will help him develop a project of flying taxis.

A few months ago Uber stated that he was very interested in the concept of flying taxis and would like to offer this service to his clients in the near future. Thanks to such a vehicle, the passenger could very quickly reach the destination, avoiding all traffic jams along the way.

Of course from the idea to the finished product the road is still far away, especially since Uber has no experience in this field. The company is going to use the help of specialists in this area and has hired Mark Moore, a former NASA engineer who left the agency some time ago to tackle more mundane ventures.

He will work on a new air taxi service, though he will not build the vehicle himself, or at least not immediately. So far, only the foundations for future service have been formed, because the project itself is still very early and the company is not even halfway through the prototype of such a taxi. Previously, many issues such as noise levels, battery life and air traffic regulations have to be tackled.

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