NASA plans to capture the asteroid

Sooner or later, our planet will end up with stocks of metals and other natural resources. Meanwhile, there are immeasurable quantities around it, just to reach out. NASA wants to get this hand already in 2018 and start the mission of catching the asteroids in our solar system.

By 2018 NASA plans to launch the first space mission to capture asteroids and explore its structure. In 2018, specialists will select a specific asteroid, and a year later a space ship will be launched in its direction. Upon approaching the cosmic rock, it will be captured and then delivered near the Moon. Approximately in 2020, astronauts will reach the captured asteroid to take samples from it.

Initially, the project anticipates gathering information about the emergence of the universe, but once the technology has been refined and fully functional, it will be possible to start mass grasping and extracting natural resources.

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