Nanotechnology in automotive industry

In a few years we can expect to see many breakthrough technologies in the automotive field. Energy Department representatives have announced the creation of two new research centers, the Nano Design Works (NDW) and the Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS), which will work on new solutions for future automobiles.

In new centers, engineers will work to develop solutions that will provide less emissions to vehicles, and special emphasis will be placed on technologies that reduce the friction of individual engine components that currently account for about 30 percent of power loss. Engineers want to eliminate them by building new types of diamond-based bearings and graphics. Their application could reduce friction to zero, which would eliminate the need to lubricate the components with oil and at the same time considerably reduce the combustion of the vehicle and increase its power.

The centers will also work on new, more efficient types of batteries intended for electric vehicles that will allow them to travel a greater distance and will be able to charge much faster than current batteries.

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