More RAM in the new ipad Air

In September this year, Apple will present its latest products, including the second generation iPad Air. Although the official specification of the device will be announced at a conference scheduled for September 9, but the leaks that appear now suggest that we should expect more RAM in it.

The more RAM, the smoother the application, and therefore business smartphones have been offering at least 3 GB of RAM for some time now, and models that have up to 4 GB may already be mentioned. The tablets did not have as much memory, and as with the iPad Air, they were satisfied with 1 GB of RAM, which was enough to handle all applications.

Increasingly advanced applications have higher storage requirements, so Apple has found that the second generation of popular tablets requires twice as much memory. TechNews, a Taiwanese corporation, plans to install 2GB of RAM in Taiwan. But do not expect the remaining iPad models will also have more RAM, for example, the second generation iPad Mini with Retina, will still remain at 1 GB.

Increasing the amount of RAM on iPad tablets is quite a surprise Apple move, especially since the company has not gone crazy and 1 GB of RAM came out only in the third generation of iPad, and the same amount of memory was also installed in the fourth generation.

So far, Apple has not seen the need for memory expansion to keep costs down and lower power consumption. Now, however, comes iOS 8, and some of its features require more RAM to run smoothly. One is planned for iPad Air multi-tasking with screen division, so that two different applications can run simultaneously, and that of course requires more hardware resources.

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