Modular computer assembled from separate blocks

At the Acer booth during the IFA 2015, you could see an interesting proposal for a modular personal computer. The device called Acer Revo Build consists of separate blocks that can be joined together like blocks, thus achieving the desired configuration.

Times of big and bulky PCs are beginning to end. Now, computer manufacturers are designing small, sleek, yet flexible machines for functionality and customization.

At the Berlin show, one of these offers was presented by Acer, which unveiled the new Acer Revo Build mini PC family. This is a modular computer consisting of independent blocks of 125 x 125 mm, which can be connected to each other through magnetic hooks and thus obtain a variety of hardware functionality. Interestingly, these blocks can operate independently from other PCs.

Acer claims that each of the blocks will have different components, and as soon as the release will feature modules equipped with 500GB / 1TB hard drive in the hot swap system, will also powerbank wireless, as well as an audio block with integrated speakers and microphone.

The price of each block, however, is not given.

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