Mobile does everything you can to enjoy the internet while flying over Europe

Using electronics on planes is unpredictable. Not so long ago it was necessary to hide all gadgets at the time of takeoff and landing, and now many point out that the so-called plane mode will soon lose its meaning, because access to the internet on the deck of steel birds will no longer be a taboo subject.

Deutsche Telekom has announced the launch of the European Aviation Network last year and has promised that future flying over Europe will not involve losing contact with the outside world. At Barcelona’s MWC, we were convinced that these promises would be realized very soon, because setting up a network of 300 LTE transmitters aiming at the sky goes according to plan (where it is not possible to cover ground stations, the system will use satellite internet The first test flights, in cooperation with Lufthansa, will take place at the end of this year and mid-year will be available throughout Western Europe and in 2018 throughout Europe.

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