MIT technology will protect drones from hackers

The MIT team has developed a new technology for autonomous drones. Their solution will protect the unmanned before they are taken over by hackers.

Many companies are striving to bring autonomous drones to our heads in a few years, delivering products purchased from online stores, pharmacies, or traffic jams. Such machines can be very useful, but at the same time pose a serious threat to people. It will become an easy target for hackers who can take control of them and use them for their own purposes.

MIT engineers have decided to protect their drones against such a scenario and have developed a new positioning technique that will prevent them from pointing to where they should not fly.

The key is to create a wireless fingerprint that reflects the interaction with the environment. In other words, the network will be able to recognize immediately whether the dron is flying or trying to break it because someone broke into it.

The technology is based on a system of two Wi-Fi antennas used in flight. The bouncing signal from the surrounding environment returns at different times and thus produces a unique profile that will be difficult to copy and which drones will fly during the flight. Since it is not possible to completely cut off the dron from false transmissions with attempts to take control, then at least one will be able to notice right away when someone tries to control it.

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