Military drones will get their own airport

The American military has not invested in unmanned combat since, using them for reconnaissance and attacks against the enemy. There are so many of these machines in service that the military is planning to build them a special airport where the machines are to be serviced and where new models will be tested. The complex will soon be built in Fort Worth, TX.

The new complex will be built exclusively for testing and maintenance of unmanned machinery. The project will be implemented by a military contractor, SGS. The entire complex will occupy a total of 150 arrays, including runways, including one 1500 m long for Gray Eagle machines and the other 300 m for Shadow unmanned.

The army wants to stay there first and foremost to keep Gray Eagle and Shadow Shadow drones, for which it will also be a base. Gray Eagle is a machine similar to Predator. Its wingspan is almost 17 meters, while the maximum take-off mass with full armament and fuel can be up to 2000 kg. The unmanned aerial vehicle can carry four missiles or four bombs.

The new complex will also feature the smaller Shadow drones, whose wingspan is only 420 cm. This machine is not a combat version and is intended primarily for targeting targets, reconnaissance and detection of improvised explosive charges. The UAV can also take off directly on the battlefield, since a special pneumatic launcher is required to fire it.

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