Military dolphins have made a historic discovery

As reported by the American media, two dolphins belonging to the American navy, have made a historic discovery on the coast of Californian city of Coronado. By accident, they managed to find the Howell torpedo, another copy of this invention preserved to our times.

Butlonol dolphins are very often used by the military because they have a natural sonar with which I can equate to any technology known to man. They are the ideal natural detector of underwater objects, including deep mines.

Two creatures serving in the US Navy have made a very important historical discovery. They managed to find a Howell torpedo. The Rhode Island Company produced only 50 copies of this weapon in 1870-1889, and so far it was believed that only one of them survived until now, one of which can be seen at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington, so it was a great surprise to discover Another copy.

Howell is 330 cm long and was driven by a 60-kilowatt flywheel, firing up to 10,000 rpm before firing. Its range was about 360 m and the maximum speed was 25 knots. At present the torpedo may seem very primitive, but at the end of the 19th century it was a real miracle of military technology.

The torpedo parts were transported to the naval base where it was cleaned and then shipped to the Navy History and Heritage Headquarters.

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