Microsoft technology will make buying a new car easier

Auto manufacturers are installing more and more options in their vehicles to improve passenger comfort and safety. The problem is that it is very difficult to show potential customers the benefits of all these systems, so Volvo has teamed up with Microsoft and intends to use its HoloLens technology.

In a few years the process of buying a new car will look completely different now, and the customer coming to the living room will not have to settle for dry data, look at equipment pictures and color samples. Already some companies are using the technology of extended reality to better show the customer a new vehicle. Looking at the car through the screen of the tablet, we can see what it will look like with the chosen color of the paint, the pattern of the rim, or the color of the upholstery.

In the future, however, this process will become much more advanced, and the first step in this direction is planning to make Volvo, which has just started working with Microsft to use HoloLens technology. Engineers of both companies have already developed a prototype of a new car presentation system, using the latest model of the luxury sedan S90. Thanks to the extended reality, you can not only see the silhouette of the vehicle, which will hit the showroom in a while but also how it will look in the chosen color, Or with other bumpers.

A potential customer with a special helmet on his head will be able to step inside the car, checking all the news on his deck and even take him for a test drive. So far, 11 urban test routes in the US and Canada are ready, but soon there will be more. All the more so next year, the developer version of this system will be able to buy for $ 3,000 and then each manufacturer will be able to prepare their own routes showing the capabilities of their vehicles.

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