Microsoft patented UV disinfection of displays

Not everyone is aware of this, but our smartphones are a real habitat for bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness. We rarely pay attention to cleaning the displays, so Microsoft will do it for us, using the new technology that has just received the patent.

The smartphone, touched daily, sometimes by outsiders, is a real biological threat. There are skin cells, bacteria, viruses and pathogens on the screen, which in the case of less resistant users can cause many diseases. Unfortunately, users of this equipment do not realize the need for regular cleaning of the device.

So Microsoft wants to do it for us, so it has developed a special technology that will automatically disinfect the equipment automatically with UV rays. There are sketches showing the functioning of the new technology. It follows that a special material will be applied to the screen, which, when co-operating with the UV light emitting module, will disinfect its surface.

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