Microsoft motivates swimmers

Swimming training is often very boring, as there is no incentive to achieve better results in the form of opponents with which to compete. The engineers at Microsoft Research are working on a technology that will motivate them.

US specialists, working with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), are working on a technology called SwimTrain, which supports swimming training by providing the player with the challenge of being a virtual competitor with which to compete.

The system consists of a mobile application, a waterproof case for a smartphone and waterproof headphones that provide the player with the information he needs. They use SwimTrain, the athlete no longer trains alone, but gets a virtual team of three swimmers, competing with them best times. In the event of a rivalry, the system will tell the competitor how his performance looks compared to the two rivals, and if he is in the same team, then he will keep pace.

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