Microsoft is working on a OneDrive sync issue

Microsoft is trying to solve the problems of OneDrive users. The company has just announced that it knows that some of its customers have problems with data synchronization between the virtual disk and OneNote and are working to eliminate the error. Its causes are already known, but it is still unknown when exactly the patch will appear.

People using the OneNote platform have been complaining for some time that they can not synchronize data with the OneDrive platform. The application always informs you either of not being able to complete the task and asks for a re-trial, or informs you that you do not have permission to edit the file and stop the synchronization. The problem appears on devices running Windows Phone 8.1.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has officially released a message saying it knows about the troubles of OneDrive users and is working on their solution. At the same time, the company warns that identical errors may also occur in other applications. It is not known when the problem-solving patch will be available, but it seems unlikely that you will need to wait for more than a few days.

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