Microsoft is building a tool that recognizes emotions

The American giant within Microsoft Research is building a completely new tool that uses SI. The latest product from Redmond’s engineers will be able to analyze the facial expressions of photographers and determine their emotions based on this information.

In April of this year more as a joke, Microsoft presented an application called How Old, which based on the picture specifies the probable age of the person on it. As part of the Project Oxford project, the company now creates a very similar tool that also analyzes the face of the person in the photo, but this time does not determine her age, but emotions.

The Emotion Recognition System is now available to the public and anyone willing to try it out. Just go to this #detection page and upload a JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP image below 4 MB. There may be several people in the photo, but not more than 64, because the tool can not handle it.

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