Microsoft invests in mapping for drones

Microsoft has announced $ 26 million investment in AirMap startup. The new company is developing real-time map updates containing dron flight plans.

In the near future, our drones will grow in drones, which will be used to deliver shipments, traffic monitoring, or air quality. Increased unmanned traffic can pose a threat to airplanes, so solutions are in place to keep the position of all aircraft currently in the air.

This is also the concept of Microsoft, which has invested $ 26 million in AirMap. California Startup offers a real-time mapping service for dron owners. Each of them can put a flight on it, which will allow aircraft pilots and traffic controllers to track the position of any unmanned air currently in the air. In other words, technology allows you to manage the airspace of the low ceiling.

AirMap sells its software to many customers, such as agricultural companies, energy companies, as well as security and building companies. So far, the technology supports drones, but in the future it can also be extended to flying cars.

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