MiBOA application failure allows access to someone else’s account

MiBOA mobile application malfunction, which allows you to log into other T-Mobile subscribers’ accounts, reported that the service has been deleted, but it is worth checking the status of your subscriber account.

T-Mobile subscribers using the mobile app reported that they were automatically logged in to other users’ accounts. The software is used to manage your account, so you can know the level of your service and status, services, invoice and payment information.

Of course, you can not be mistaken for malicious intentions, but it’s hard to exclude someone who has decided to use the crash for personal gain. What could he do in such a situation?

After logging in, you can not only know sensitive data or change service settings, but also charge another prepaid phone number.

The operator has prevented automatic login from the application – users must enter the phone number and password received in the SMS message – which resolved the problem of incorrect login until the fault was completely resolved.

However, it is still a good idea to log in to your account and check the status of your services and payments so you can report a complaint in the event of an irregularity. As a failure seems to be a mass issue, it is important to understand that repair and, above all, fixing specific irregularities in operations may take time.

Operator Statement:

Dear Sir or Madam,

The hardships could affect some of the Clients who had active automatic authentication and used the services in the afternoon and evening hours.

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To avoid any doubts and concerns, we made the decision to temporarily disable access to self-care applications and to further enter into the need to sign up with only one-time SMS. The ability to use the autologisation feature will be available again when additional security mechanisms are implemented in our systems.

We apologize to all customers who have suffered from the above difficulties. All information in this matter will be provided by the Service Desk’s consultants (tel 602900000 or e-mail: [email protected]). Each question will be individually verified.

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