Mercedes supports courier work

Mercedes-Benz presented a vision of a future car for couriers. The vehicle named Vision Van has been designed in such a way as to make it easier for the shipper to work. One of its key features are self-dealing drones.

In the future, couriers and all kinds of suppliers may lose their jobs because they will be replaced by autonomous drones. However, Mercedes-Benz believes that this is not necessary and has just introduced a vision of a vehicle called Vision Van, whose task is to facilitate their work.

The concept of the vehicle was developed jointly with Matternet, which is involved in the development of dron logistical systems that Mercedes recently invested. The car is the dream of every courier, because each of its components was designed to facilitate the work of the shipping provider.

The cargo space of the vehicle has been fitted with special rails mounted in the floor, which allow it to load entire shelves with already segregated consignments. This will definitely accelerate the departure of the sorter, as the courier will no longer have to manually load the parcels.

As if that was not enough, the cargo space is fully autonomous. Shipments are not delivered under the door by the courier, but through two drones installed on the roof of the vehicle. Unmanned vehicles operate according to the planned route and at a certain point they take the shipment, taking care of the last stage of delivery. They take care that the parcel hits the recipient’s hand.

Vision Van is currently the only project on the drawing board, so it is unknown when the vehicle would hit the mass production. One of the obstacles to the widespread use of such a vehicle is the small range of batteries that power the electric motor. It is below 270 km, while the couriers overcome the day much greater distances.

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