McDonald’s is testing mobile orders

The McDonald’s American network is launching an application test that allows you to place orders through your smartphone. This way, when you go to a restaurant, you will not have to wait for your meal.

Many fast food chains offer their customers mobile applications for ordering food using smartphones. McDonald’s has not offered its customers so far, as there was no need. It seems, however, that the popular network will no longer be based on the introduction of new technology.

The media reports that the United States has launched tests for a new service that allows you to order your meal using the mobile app. So far, it is available in three cities, namely Monterey and Salinas, California, and Spokane, Washington, and is available in 80 locations.

The option was created primarily for saving time. A shopping customer can order a meal that will then be picked up on the way. This way you will not have to wait in line or even pull out your wallet as the fee will be made through the application.

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