McDonalds distributes VR goggles

McDonalds, in children’s Happy Meal sets, very often offers a variety of toys. The company demonstrates, however, that modern technologies are also not foreign to him and that Sweden will offer its customers meals in specially designed boxes that can be converted into VR goggles.

Google Cardboard is currently the cheapest way to enter the world of virtual entertainment, provided we have a smartphone. These are the cardboard goggles in which a portable device is inserted. This makes it possible to use special 3D applications or watch YouTube videos recorded in 360 degrees.

In selected Swedish restaurants, the box with the Happy Meal set is simultaneously goggles. Given that such a set costs just over $ 4, this is one of the cheapest ways to get such goggles. In addition, Slope Stars is added to the set, where the child goes to the ski slope and must dodge the obstacles.

Special Happy Meal kits will be available from 5 March.

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