Mass Effect: Andromeda with a new version of Denuvo

Patch with a surprise. A few days ago, Bioware released a patch on the web that streamlined many elements, including the appearance and animations of characters. What’s interesting, the fix pack also contains an element that neither the producer nor the publisher mentioned before. This is a new version of Denuvo, which from this moment is supposed to protect Mass Effect: Andromeda from breaking.

As is well known, the latest studio game Bioware was based on pirates only 10 days. Exactly how much time was needed by the two groups dealing with cracking to break Denuvo’s protections for the title. So quick access to the pirate version of the network obviously was not in the taste of the publisher who decided to fight it.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s fracture was so easy that the old version of Denuvo was used in the game. The crackers had dealt with her in many other productions. The latest patch for the Bioware studio adds to it a new edition of this anti-theft system, exactly the same as that used in titles such as Dead Rising 4 and Nier: Automata. This was discovered after checking the executable files and their data strings, which were compared to the premiere version of Andromeda and other Denuvo games.

It should be noted that for this moment no production with a new version of the security has not been broken. From the publisher’s perspective this is very important information. Another thing that in Mass Effect: Andromeda pirates can play without problems, and the only limitation is the lack of the ability to install the latest patch, which only fixes some of the errors. So far, after breaking the production, publishers have not introduced a newer version of Denuvo so EA’s behavior is quite specific. However, it can be assumed that the company wants to prepare in this way for the release of additives for this production. If DRM is not broken again, pirates will not be able to play DLC to Andromeda.

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