Maserati announces electric car

Italian brand Maserati plans to create the first electric car. One of her engineers revealed that the official presentation of the new model will take place in 2019, and a year later it will go on sale. The new car will likely have a coupe body.

Car manufacturers are beginning to become increasingly involved in environmental protection by designing zero emissions vehicles. Electric cars have already announced all the major brands, and similar plans are now being announced by smaller companies such as Maserati.

The Italian brand, known for its luxury sports limousines, plans to build an electric vehicle. Roberto Fedeli, chief technology officer, told the press. The specialist confirmed that the public presentation of the new car will take place already in 2019, while a year later the first copies will be delivered to customers.

Initial assumptions suggest that the new vehicle will have a coupe body. Maserati does not want to duplicate the ideas of other manufacturers, so it probably will not be a rival for Tesla cars.

The manufacturer will focus not only on sporty design, but also on ride characteristics. Interestingly, the plans also provide future car owners with the opportunity to enjoy the sound of the engine. This will probably be achieved in the way that it is now, that is, the sound of the drive unit will be extracted from the car audio system.

To learn about the technical details of the new Maserati, we will have to wait a bit.

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