Mars One will land a lander on Mars

For many years in the field of space conquest there was practically nothing, but after the admission of the private sector, there is a noticeable increase in the number of companies that are sending people to other planets.

One of them is the private Mars One consortium, which pursues its ultimate goal of a mission to send a man to Mars in 2025. Already more than 200,000 people have paid for the opportunity to travel, although the consortium hopes the offer will attract 10 times as many daredevils.

But before they can fly to the Red Planet, they must first have something. Therefore, Mars One is currently working on an unmanned lander to reach the surface of Mars. The vehicle that will travel there together with the geostationary satellite will provide the world with live coverage (not of course, delay in distance transmission) from the surface of Mars. The lander will remain there until the arrival of the first colonists, providing them with communication with the Earth.

The Mars One plan is very ambitious because the company wants to be the first to send people on the Red Planet. Therefore, the mission of sending a lander there is so important – it will prove to the world that the company can do it.

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