Magic characters IFA

Manufacturers of multimedia entertainment equipment for several years, at every possible electronics fair intensively promote 3D technology. This year’s CES in Las Vegas saw some departure from the 3D promotion, but only the Berlin IFA is a scene where there is clearly a change of direction. The 4K time began. And the end of Full HD?

Probably not yet, not this year, certainly not soon – maybe in 2 years – 4K will be the standard. Will appear in most top models of televisions. Only the right media for the proper density of multimedia recording is needed, and the cheap signal transmission technology on which the television will switch. Such changes never happen violently, but now you can clearly see the increase in the number of materials at resolutions higher than 1080p.

At the IFA 2012 many manufacturers have presented their 4K equipment, could not be missing among the Japanese manufacturer Toshiba. The 84-inch colossal image display resolution of 3840 x 2160 makes an impression. The video content was aroused by color, image sharpness and detail. For a moment I thought that such a TV in the house, would succeed, would replace the screenings in the cinema.

Thanks to courtesy of Toshiba employees, I was also able to get to the show in a specially prepared room. The cinema armchairs, together with the appropriate sound of the Hall, intensified the first impression from the exhibition hall.

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