M floats on the Mediterranean Sea. Most European countries within reach of Russian rockets

From Sevastopol to the Mediterranean, a corvette of the “Green Grotto” was deployed, armed with rockets maneuvering the Kalibr system – a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

“Zieleniej doł” is one of eight state-of-the-art Bujan-M missile vessels that left the ship just in November, and experts point out the speed with which this completely new unit was incorporated into the operations of the Russian naval unit in the Mediterranean.

In the arsenal of small corvettes, the Kalibr missile system is of particular tactical importance. You can fire anti-missile and maneuvering missiles from the vertical launching pad – the last of which was launched last November in Caspian Sea Bujan-M towards Syria. The estimated maximum range of the system is up to 2500 km, so if you deploy in the Mediterranean Sea, you will find most of Europe.

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