Luxury Volvo S90 with autopilot function

The Swedish company Volvo announced a few days ago its latest car, the flagship model S90. The car, in addition to providing passengers with exceptional luxury, is also equipped with many modern technologies to improve safety and enhance vehicle functionality. One of them is Pilot Assist.

The Pilot Assist is similar to the Autopilot system that Tesla Motors recently installed in its Model S electric salvage and its role is to support the driver in driving. This is not yet full autonomy, but a very close solution that will allow the steering wheel to move the digital hands of the computer while moving on highways.

Pilot Assist, working on the windshield and sensor, can take control of the car at speeds up to 130 km / h and will watch his own lane at that time, as well as track traffic signs, adjusting speed to the restrictions. The new solution developed by Volvo engineers does not need to operate a car ahead, and moreover, it will also be able to detect large animals that can sometimes invade the roadway, especially when traveling by road through the forest. There is also a pedestrian detection system with automatic braking.

The Volvo S90 will not only be modern but also environmentally friendly and owner’s portfolio. Under the hood of this model will be the T8 Twin Engine, which is a hybrid plug-in. The system is to consist of a 2.0-liter petrol unit combined with electric motors located on the rear axle, and the whole is coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The drive unit has three modes. Pure is a fully electric option that uses built-in batteries. Hybrid is, in turn, a combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor, useful in daily driving and providing a moderate appetite for fuel. The third option is called Power and was created to allow full power from both drives.

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