Los Angeles police are not ready for the tale

Electric cars, due to the huge acceleration, could be great for radio, as they would be able to catch criminals more quickly. Unfortunately, this is just a theory, because in practice it does not look too rosy, and Los Angeles police confirm that it is not ready yet for such vehicles.

Los Angeles officials last year tested two Tesla Model S models specifically designed for police operations. When they were finished, Los Angeles commander Vartan Yegiyan said that although the police did not completely close the wiring for electric vehicles, at this stage of their development, it was not a technology that could be used in the police.

The biggest problem in popularizing such radios is of course their price. Although test cars were rented from Tesla, the price of one copy is $ 100,000, which the police would have to pay. For comparison, the department pays only $ 30,000 for a single Ford Explorer, so it’s easy to calculate, for the price of one Tesla, officers can have up to three radios.

In addition, the power supply generates a lot of problems, because firstly, the availability of charging stations is still low, and secondly, in the case of natural disasters, power lines are often damaged and the police would be without radio.

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