L’Oreal begins production of artificial leather

Cosmetic companies must somehow test their products before launching to ensure that they will not hurt potential customers. Not all of them can be tested on animals, so L’Oreal, begins mass production of artificial leather for cosmetic testing.

Organovo, specializing in 3D hip technology, which uses special 3D printers since 2010, helps with the production of artificial blood vessels from living tissue. Artificial leather will help the French cosmetic company to test new formulas as well as ready-made products, making sure that the desired effect is as expected and that the product is fully safe.

The basis for the production of artificial leather will be biological material from donors, so you will be able to create different types of it. As Guive Balooch explains, vice president of L’Oreal technology, the skin sample culture process takes about a week. It takes so long because the skin has different layers and should be cultured in the right order. The company’s capacity for laboratories is capable of producing about 5 square meters of such skin annually, with samples being grown in 0.5 cm square sections and one millimeter thick.

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