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Infinia TVs are high-end devices that offer multimedia features, connectivity to the Internet, and the ability to use applications. TVs also feature an interesting design in accordance with the “Borderless” design. The screen is therefore a homogeneous glass pane that is free of frames. Thanks to that the hardware looks impressive and the screen itself feels much bigger.

In the editorial we have checked how the video games in the LE8500 series work in video games. For testing, we also used the Xbox 360 with Kinect.


The connectors are arranged very sensibly. Most of them are on the back of the device, but the producer also thought people would want to hang the TV on the wall. On the side we find: two USB connectors and one HDMI, Component and headphone.

Twisting the TV with the core and connecting the console was no problem. All the connectors are very well marked and the set up is only a few minutes away.


Once you have connected your console, you can start playing straight away. We experimented only with image settings, but this is not required. Navigation in the menu is very intuitive and access to the features you are looking for is also not a problem.


The TV used by the player should deal primarily with dynamic scenes and have very good black. In both cases, on the LG device we were not disappointed. The image was excellent in racing games (Forza Motosport 3) and casual Kinect Sports. We did not notice the smudge, and the contrast and saturation of the image was very good.

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Infinia TVs

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