LG announces rollback displays in 2017

LG Display has just announced its latest action plan to tell what Korean giant products we can expect in the next few years. Next year, the company will develop the technology of folding screens, while in 2017 announces the introduction of folding and folding displays.

At the beginning of this year, at CES in Las Vegas, Samsung showed its first model of foldable touch screen. LG Display, one of Korea’s major display manufacturing companies, does not want to be inferior to its rival and also announces the further development of this technology. The company has just presented its plan of action, which shows that as early as 2017 it will launch the first models of screens that can be folded in half and rolled up like a newspaper.

New types of displays will be based on P-OLED (plastic OLED) technology, which, unlike standard OLEDs, does not use screen protector but flexible plastic coating. Thanks to this the display can not only collapse, but it is also resistant to cracking. In addition it is thinner and much lighter.

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