Launched just around the corner, most probably with Android l

The Nexus 6 and Nexus X are definitely two of the most anticipated Android devices, whose launches are expected by the end of this year. Recently, we have been flooded with unconfirmed information about Google’s new design, and it is very possible that tomorrow or the day after, both phablet and the Nexus tablet will be unveiled. Together with them we will also see the final version of Android L.

Google has long held Android fans in uncertainty. At the conference I / unfortunately, no new Nexus series products have been shown, which should make their debut this fall. Recently, we have had some major premieres with the introduction of new Apple devices at the forefront. So it’s time for the search giant to officially announce new designs.

Interestingly, this may happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. According to unconfirmed information, Google has been planning for a special conference for the Nexus 6 / Nexus X and the final version of Android L for a while on October 15 or 16. It is even more likely that Mountain View’s ads for the web today have appeared. For new products.

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