Lasers will reduce train delays

Dutch trains will soon be equipped with lasers. This is not to make them capable of counteracting the attacks of opponents, but a system of rail cleansing. Laser rays serve to clean the rails from fine trash, which could cause loss of grip and thus delay the entire train.

In 2013, the UK Rail took over 4.5 million hours of delays altogether, which obviously results in financial losses resulting from the need to pay passengers damages and also ruin the railroad image in front of its passengers. A large part of these delays are caused by trash that often lands on track.

The study shows that over time they can drive the train, cover with a thin layer that will change into a teflon-like coating, causing loss of adhesion. It is then much harder to speed up and stop such composition. It takes much longer than usual, causing delays in the timetable.

Dutch Dutchways have decided to remedy this with lasers. As part of the experiment, laser emitters have been attached to the front of the train, which operate at speeds up to 80 km / h. Their task is to destroy the garbage left on the tracks. The lasers are positioned at an angle and affect primarily organic matter, such as leaves.

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