Laser X-ray will detect fissile material smuggling

Terrorists rarely use fissionable materials, but their smuggling is a much more serious problem than one might think, A dirty bomb could cause huge damage and contaminate a large area of ​​the city. It is true that at borders, X-rays are often used to scavenge loads that theoretically should detect radioactive materials, but they are expensive, unmanageable and very expensive, so they are not everywhere.

However, researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have developed a tool that provides similar functionality, but is much smaller. Researchers have succeeded in creating a laser-based X-ray machine capable of detecting a three-inch American 5-centimeter uranium disc located between 7.6 cm thick steel panels.

According to the builders, the technology will allow you to build much smaller and more portable X-ray scanners that can be loaded onto a trailer truck. They will not only be portable, they will also consume less power, so they will become safer to operate.

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