Kourtney Kardashian is also looking forward to his application

“I think they kept the best at the end… my application is coming soon !!!”- such a Twitter entry Kourtney Kardashian has announced joining the rest of her sisters who presented their applications in September at the Apple Store in New York.

If it is not enough for you that the members of the Kardashian Clan have occupied a place on the celebrity summit, referring to the British royal family, the Beckhams and Brangelina, for forgetting about them, and following them on Twitter and Instagram daily, you may be interested in subscribing to their phone application?

This assumption must have arisen in the clan marketing staff, especially after the simple mobile game signed by Kim has recorded (and still has) millions of profits.

Sister apps are simply blogs, but considering the millions of social networking profiles they follow, even a small fee of $ 3 a month (from everyone) will be a pretty solid cash flow. Not to mention the money they are able to spend on branding to showcase their products in this “elite” circle.

In such a vision, the marketers have not forgotten the so-called “diversification” of potential users – in the end one can not afford a customer who is able to pay for tracking one of the sisters to give up the other four applications under the pretense of duplicating their content..

That’s why Kim’s application was centered on her selfie and fashion, Khloe on fitness, Kendall on GoPro’s camera shoot, Kylie’s make-up and her dog.

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