Japan turns golf courses into solar power plants

Japan has done many projects over the years to protect our planet by reducing the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Her next idea will be a double benefit as it will allow you to develop abandoned golf courses and increase your electricity production.

Over the past few years, a number of mansions have emerged on the tide of construction boom that have been abandoned over time. Among them are golf courses, where no one has ever practiced this sport. The area is a waste, but Kyocera and its partners intend to change it.

A well-known electronics manufacturer has launched a project aimed at the development of one of the abandoned golf courses located in Kyoto Prefecture. The field will be converted into a 23 MW solar power plant, and the project will be completed in September next year. At that time, enough energy will be produced to feed 8100 households, and the entire electricity supply will be sold to the local community.

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