ITunes partially blocked in china

The Chinese government did not particularly love Western companies, and this feeling manifests itself in the frequent blocking of online services. Chinese citizens can not use Facebook, Google and many other popular services, and now iTunes has also joined them. Apple’s digital store has also been partially blocked.

China is Apple’s second largest selling market, ahead of the United States alone. That is why the American concern has done everything he could to not irritate his government, because any problems could end up with serious financial losses for him.

Unfortunately, despite the great caution, such problems have not kept up. As reported by the media, the Chinese government has partially blocked access to iTunes, including iTunes Movies and iBook Stores offering Apple movie users and digital books.

The cause of the blockade is not known, but experts speculate that it may be a competition. Daniel H. Rosen, co-founder of Rhodium Group, a trader in China’s economy, thinks the blockade is part of a local film promotion program and at the same time limits the impact of large technology companies on the local market.

It is worth mentioning that the mentioned services were closed only half a year after their official launch, which coincided with the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and was supposed to help sell both smartphones.

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