Is this the back cover of the ipada Air 2?

Just after the holidays Apple will showcase its latest products, not just the expected iPhone 6, but also new tablet models, including the new generation iPad Air. Yi Lin Enterprises claims that the back cover of this device has fallen into her hands.

Yi Lin Enterprises is a Taiwanese manufacturer of mobile accessories, which on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, posted a photo of a supposed back panel of the iPad Air 2. The panel is made in gold and shows a lot of design changes, such as a new speaker cover with larger holes, as well as a different microphone position as well as the iShight camera.

This is by no means the first presentation of the new iPad case. Last month on the web, you could watch a faithful replica of the entire Touch ID device located in the Home button, slightly sunken volume buttons and remodeled speaker cover. The credibility of this prototype was, however, not confirmed.

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