IPS Monitor with wide viewing angle

Although the new BenQ BL2411PT is designed for business use, its high quality image will also be appreciated by gamers.

BenQ launches a monitor designed for ergonomics and user convenience. The display image is in the 16:10 format on the perfect IPS matrix with a faithful reproduction of the sRGB color gamut. 178 ° / 178 ° viewing angles and Sensey Reading mode noticeably increase comfort.

With the Flicker free backlit backlight, the BL2411PT eliminates flickering at all brightness levels. For easy text reading on the screen, the BenQ BL2411PT allows you to adjust color temperature, brightness, contrast and sharpness.

In addition, the monitor provides height adjustment, tilt, pivot (vertical screen setting), pitch control and rotation (with HAS height adjustable height adjustment).

The anti-fatigue feature automatically detects the illumination and adjusts the brightness of the monitor to the optimum level, best suited for brightness and comfort throughout the day. The BL2411PT has a matte screen and an anti-glare feature that keeps the light reflection scattering to reduce the phenomenon to a minimum.

To reduce energy loss and CO2 emissions, Eco Sensor automatically switches the monitor to ECO mode as soon as the user leaves the computer. This also helps to effectively reduce electricity costs.

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