IPhone 7 can be waterproof

Theoretically, the smartphone’s watertightness is superfluous, since few users dive with it. Sometimes, however, it can be useful, for example, when the equipment falls into the toilet, which is one of the most common causes of damage to mobile devices. Apple has so far not bothered with this feature, but may change the mind of the iPhone 7.

Last week for sale hit the iPhone 6s, which means that Apple engineers have certainly started working on his successor, the iPhone 7. For now, there are no details about it, but we can always count on leaks. The latest is from one of the Chinese sources, which suggests that in the new flagship smartphone model, the company can make far-reaching modifications.

The source claims that the US concern will not use the 7000 aluminum in it, but a much stronger material that will prevent water from leaking into the interior, in other words, the iPhone 7 can become watertight.

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