IPhone 6s in DxOMark

New iPhones, launched several days ago, have already been distributed by iFixit editors, and have been tested in benchmarks to test their processor performance. Now it’s been tested in DxOMark, which showed the capabilities of a brand-new 12 megapixel camera.

IPhone 6s from the outside is no different from its predecessor, but significant changes took place inside the housing. In addition to the new processor, there is also the new iSight camera, which has a resolution of up to 12 megapixels (the predecessor has 8 megapixels), which allows for 4K video recording.

In theory, the new camera should be better than the previous model, and how is it really? The answer to this question was decided by DxOMark experts who have tested the new iPhone, and the results of this test are not satisfactory and show the flaws in Apple’s new hardware.

Despite the new, improved sensor, the iPhone 6s is far worse than the iPhone 6. We have a fair balance in the exposure and plenty of details under normal conditions, as well as quick and accurate autofocus. Despite the lack of optical image stabilization, the A9 processor is able to compensate for hand shake, providing excellent image quality and 4K movies.

Unfortunately, the benefits of this end, because the iPhone 6s does not do well in low light conditions. On movies and photos taken in worse light, you can see a lot of noise and color shading. Autofocus also does a lot better than the iPhone 6.

All these faults have made the iPhone 6s only 82 points and is no longer in the first place. Apple’s product was only tenth, ahead of models such as the Sony Xperia X5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or the new Nexus 6P. Even better is the iPhone 6.

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