Interesting ultrabook design based on tablet surface

Microsoft’s first tablet does not do well. Analysts claim that so far 700,000 have been sold so far, so the American giant must take decisive action to save its product.

And if so decided to transform it into an ultrabook? For now, there are no such plans, but it can not be ruled out that they will appear in the future. They are going to hear that Microsoft is planning another Surtface product, such as a smartphone, so it would not be a big surprise to also consider an ultrabook.

So far, Clément Puertolas has decided to break the American giant and has created the concept of such a device himself, combining it with an ultra-thin casing, a tabletop touch screen. According to the originator, his design may be even thinner than the MacBook Air.

There are already hybrid devices on the market that allow you to connect a touch screen display to your keyboard and create a fully functional laptop, but Puertolas thinks they are too delicate and too complicated, so your project thinks it is more functional.

Of course, for the time being, it’s only on paper, but if ever Microsoft chooses an ultrabook, it may look like Puertolas’s.

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